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Revenge Mystery Book Review: Call Me When You’re Dead

This revenge mystery had me from the start of this novel, where her suddenly dead friend, Sasha, leaves Eleanor $50k to “get” her ex-boyfriend, but is entirely unclear about how or why she should do this.
After meeting Jonathan Neel, an advertising executive, she’s more convinced than ever that this arrogant, vacuous man deserves whatever Sasha had in mind. She enlists a famous New York stage actor, Tony, to assist her endeavors.

Humorous Revenge Mystery

Farcical humor ensues on the set of a pair of huge commercials involving buffalos and debauchery. A wild romp with a Pygmalion twist (Eleanor is introverted and lacks big city sophistication), the strength of this story was the characters and the setting (love NYC).
I enjoyed the journey into the world of advertising that reminded me of Mad Men. The high stakes put on seemingly silly things like how a commercial will turn out made for dramatic situations. A.R. Taylor provides a feeling for New York City that only someone who has lived there can capture.

Fish-Out-Of-Water In Manhattan

In Manhattan, Eleanor struggles to fit in to the world of her deceased friend, Sasha. The people are selfish and although wealthy, lack boundaries or decorum. There are degrees, however. In the world of advertising, Jonathan Neel stands out as better than average. Eleanor must determine whether he is a wolf.
Because Eleanor was so normal and real, it made me consider what I would do if someone told me to take revenge on an ex and left me a healthy sum of money to do it. I’m not sure where I’d start or what it would do to my psyche. Do you honor such a request, which cannot be taken back? Do you ignore the dying wish of a close friend? Eleanor must confront this exact scenario with the potential for disastrous results.
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