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How Do I Celebrate Achieving a Writing Goal?

I share my success with the people who make it possible, especially my wife and my daughter. They are constantly inspiring me. They give me the room to be a writer and the things I learn from both of them come out in everything I write. I know it sounds cheesy, but getting the affirmation they give is the best part of achieving my successes. Anything after that is gravy, but they are the gist of my celebration. We might go for a nice meal and talk more about my writing, my wife may embarrass me, but also make me proud by bragging to friends and family about what I’ve achieved. Perhaps, I should come up with something else, but really there is nothing more I look forward to more than that first look and the hug of recognition they give. Nothing.

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    • Gene Gene

      Yes, my method is dependent on supportive people in your life. Nothing is worse than telling someone who’s apathetic and gives you nothing in return or gives a canned response that lacks genuine enthusiasm.

  1. You are like me. I celebrate (although, I would camm it taking a break) with my husband because he’s always competing with my laptop! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Not cheesy at all! That is the best celebration. It’s what I like best too. When loved ones (mostly my husband and sister) are interested and then brag about you. LOL.

  3. My husband will definitely be a part of the celebrations once I make these writing goals. He is my creative sounding board and my side-seat driver when I’ve got a bad case of writers block I need to smash through. It’s a really nice thing to have that support system of people who love you and your work.

  4. That’s so neat that your family helps you celebrate. When I run into a plot problem, my husband definitely hears about it, but once I finish a round of writing or editing, it tends to just be a celebratory phone call. We may need to make a bigger deal of celebrating, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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