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Book Review: Letter to a Christian Nation

If you want to think about religion in a critical manner, this is a book that will put you on that path. I’ve never been real good at the faith thing. I’ve always questioned the precepts of religion, especially Christianity, because it’s been in my face my entire life. I’m not certain about all the statistics in this book, but it’s very easy to read and his arguments are concise. Many of Harris’ thoughts are not unique, like the fact that The Bible has a lot of holes both logically and morally if read in detail page by page. Such things as advocating keeping slaves and executing women who commit adultery leave much to be desired. At the same time, the existence of something called “faith” which amounts to belief in something despite a lack of evidence is not entirely without merit. For example, I cannot see how my remote control turns on the television. My senses don’t provide evidence, yet I see the result and it is useful in my daily life. Religion does this for a great many people. I subscribe to Harris’ opinions, but I am not quite as certain that all religious thought is complete hooey. Regardless, questioning it is brave. Declaring the problems it has caused in human relations historically is worthwhile and should be considered carefully in light of our current state. Most problems seem to have some religious aspect to them in terms of the larger world stage. Perhaps we would, as a whole, be better off without the massive divides it causes, if only we could also have the comfort it provides on a personal level. Alas, that does not seem possible, so I must admit on a pro-con and logical level, I would prefer religion remove itself from all discussion when it comes to deciding what is best for our society. Harris makes the reader confront his thoughts about these issues and for that I’m grateful.

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