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Book Commercial Production Story for Boise Montague Mysteries

Book Commercial for Boise Montague Mysteries

On President’s Day 2023 we shot a book commercial for my Boise Montague mysteries. I had decided to create a commercial months ago, but I could not bring myself to shoot the darned thing. I wrote the commercial, wrote the shooting schedule, storyboarded the entire commercial, all 40 seconds of it!

Actors, Actors, Actors

When it came to getting “talent” for the book commercial shoot, I froze. I shot a film way back in the day. During that shoot, one of the actors flaked on me. That night (I had a six-person crew) cost me over $1,000 and I got nothing because all the shots involved this actor.

I’ve never gotten over that and the fear of that happening again has haunted me ever since. I finally got over my fears with the help of friends and family. Some actors I knew stepped up.

Although there were some hiccups, between my dear friends and colleagues, I was able to piece together a cast. They showed up on time. They worked diligently. They listened. They were excited to be part of something fresh and new.

Preparation Is Key

I scheduled a four-hour window to shoot the commercial on a sunny Monday, but thanks to my preparation and the professionalism of the cast, was able to get all the shots in under two hours and send everyone home early!


With the thrill of the shoot behind me, I kept the momentum going. I used iMovie to edit the project. I licensed some music and recorded my voiceover directly into iMovie. Within two weeks, I was ready to export.

The commercial resides on YouTube and can be viewed from my home page at as well. Please go check out Boise’s first commercial.

I’m in the process of writing the second book commercial now.

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