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Book Review: Moonraker by Ian Fleming

As you can see my reviews are not timely. I read what comes to me then write about it. Ian Fleming came up because a reviewer of Dark Paradise mentioned Fleming as someone I compared to favorably, a wonderful compliment, then I decided to tackle a James Bond novel to remind myself after many years of not reading a Fleming book, how it would come across. Well, pretty favorably. On Goodreads and Amazon, I have this sucker 4-stars. Here’s the gist:

Bond and a policewoman team up to uncover a plot under the British government’s nose by a terrorist named Hugo Drax, who is in fact an SS officer who survived, but because he grew up in England, convinced the Brits he was another man, then got them to finance him to build a “test” atomic rocket called “The Moonraker” that’s to be tested in the north sea, but under the noses of the Brits he got a real warhead from the Russians and has aimed the missile at London. Bond and Gala Brand of Scotland Yard, who has worked undercover on the project race against time. Issue: makes it look like Gala is an idiot and Bond figures it all out in 4 days…also seems kind of obvious when reading that Drax is a bad dude, but they don’t see it. Also, how did the Brits let a group of Germans have total control only 10 years after the war. Well written but a bit far fetched.

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