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Boise Montague Book 2

Since returning to his childhood home, Boise Montague’s drinking has accelerated and he desperately needs clients for his private investigator firm of one before the life insurance money dries up.

Enter Junior Bacon, grandson of Francine Bacon of the Bacon sugar and rum empire. Granny’s gone missing.

Before long, a reporter associated with the missing matriarch winds up dead in Boise’s new office. Now Boise must contend with questions from the police, the newspaper president, and the reporter’s widow.

As Boise investigates he uncovers surprising truths about a woman seeking redemption, a family on the brink, and why no matter how hard we try, the past can sometimes never be fixed.



Boise Montague Book 1

Boise Montague’s life in Los Angeles has fallen apart. After his wife dies, he returns to the tiny island where he grew up. But the island has moved on and so have the people he once knew.

When Boise tries to find the one friend he thinks he can count on to be there for him, he’s confronted with another death. A murder.

With not much left to lose, a bone to pick with the justice system, and a relentless partner, Boise sets out to do what the police would not: solve the murder of Roger Black.


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